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Current MSRM commitment: 12

The founders of will start a new Serum delegation service, called Serum.Capital. has a history of high availability, efficiency, modest fee and accurate payouts. It is almost fully automated to prevent errors from happening and to deliver the best experience to our clients.

It is possible to check the historical efficiency of on the following sites:

Proofofbake has a few notable sections on the website, including ‘Check Payouts’, ‘Calculate Rewards’ and a telegram bot that sends out payout updates to keep you up to date with your rewards. For Serum.Capital we intend to build the same service to offer a fully transparent delegation service that will be leading in the Serum delegation market. We still have to work out the details for the service but we promise it will be fair, efficient and accurate.

We welcome MSRM holders to join forces and stake together in our special MSRM program. We have already gathered commitment for 12 MSRM, so we are ready to start our node leader. We are open to receive more commitments too.

To commit your MSRM; discuss directly with POB Admin.

Please join our Telegram group to join the community!

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